Kendriya Vidyalaya Jamuna Colliery
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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय जमुना कोलियरी
Kendriya Vidyalaya Jamuna Colliery
Staff Vacancies
S# Name of the Post Vacancies Contractual Arrangement Remarks
1 PGT-MATHS 1 0 -Sh.Ritesh Agrawal PGT(Maths) has been Transfered with Vide Letter No. 11046/INTER-STN/PGT(MATH)/2015/KVS(HQ)/E-II Dated 29.06.2015 to KV Balaghat and he has been releived from the Vidyalaya on 02.07.2015 afternoon
2 PGT ENGLISH 1 0 -Sh.R.Sundar,PGT(English) has been transfered to KV Wellington (TN) Chennai Region and He has been releived on 27.06.2014
3 PGT-PHYSICS 1 0 -Sh.Sharda Saran PGT(Physics) Transferred from this Vidyalaya and Releived on 18.07.2016 to KV Delhi Cantt. No.2
4 PGT-BIOLOGY 1 0 -Sh.A.K.Kshatri,PGT(Biology) has been Transferred vide letter no. 11046/INTER-STN/PGT(BIOL)/2015/KVS(HQ)/E-II Dated 29.06.2015 and He has been relieved from this Vidyalaya on 04.07.2015 afternoon.
5 TGT-MATHS 2 0 -Both TGT(Maths) have been Transferred from the Vidyalaya. Both are relieved from
the on 26.06.2014 and 27.06.2014
6 TGT-SANSKRIT 1 0 -Sh.Munesh Sharma has been Transfered to KV R K Puram New Delhi
7 TGT-BIOLOGY 1 0 -Sh.Ajay Kumar Singh, TGT(Science) Transferred from this Vidyalaya to KV Gorakhpur No.2 (FCI)
8 PRT 2 0 -03 PRTs have been Joined the Vidyalaya after Transfer from Different KV vide letter No. F.11045/NEH/PRT/2016/KVS(HQ/E-II)

02 PRTs have been Transferred From in this Vidyalaya Relieved on 18.07.2016

Dated 22.06.2016

9 UDC 1 0 -Sh.S.K.Sah,UDC has been Transferred to KV VF Jabalpur and relieved on 09.07.2014
10 GROUP D 3 0 -Three Post Lying Vacant under Clear category
11 LAB. ATTENDANT 1 0 -Sh Daya Ram has been Transferred vide Letter No. 11046/INTER-STN/NTS/2015/KVS(HQ)/E-II Dated 29.06.2015 to KV Jhagrakhand and He has been relieved from this Vidyalaya on 06.07.2015 afternoon