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Kendriya Vidyalaya Jamuna Colliery
CMP Initiatives
 Morning Assembly -All Class Teachers-PRTs-CCA-I To V

To remove stage fear and to develop confidence and to develop leadership qualities in children.-Realized-Primary children are given opportunity to present the Assembly Programme. The following are presented as special items-
Poem Recitation, Moral Stories, Quiz, Brief Speech on important dates/festivals/personalities/events.

 House Distribution and house meeting-Shri S.Ram-Sr.Most PRT, HM I/C, CCA coordinator, All House Mast

To instill healthy team spirit and leadership quality.-Realized-To instill healthy competitive spirit among the peers as well as leadership qualities. House distribution and house meeting were conducted in which captains and vice captains were selected.
 School Readiness Programme-Smt.S.Tripathi, Smt.Lokesh Rathore--All subjects-I A/ B

To get rid of fear and to develop confidence and enhance joyful learning.-Realized-To remove the fear of school and to develop love for one’s school, school readiness programme was conducted for the tiny tots of class I in which the following activities were conducted- Introduction of children and teachers, Visit to various departments in the school, Play ground, moral lactic on health and hygiene(personal and public), drawing session, poem and rhyme recitation, clay modeling, craft work, storytelling and film show.
 Welcome Progarmme for Class I children-Shri S.Ram and Smt.S.K.Tripathi-HM and all primary teachers-C

To familiarize the children with their classmates and teachers.-Realized-The tiny tots were welcomed with floral bouquets and senior primary children(class V) applied the TRADITIONAL TILAK on their forehead. The moments were made sweetest when the principal of Vidyalaya presented sweets.
 Think quest registration-Smt.S.K.Tripathi and class teachers of III to V-PRTs-ICT-III to V

To give exposure to children to update their knowledge and make them computer friendly.-Realized-Children right from class III were registered in this programme to make them aware of the use of computers in today’s teaching learning process and also make them computer friendly.
 Cub Bulbul Activities-Cub Masters- Sh.R.Prasad, Sh.A.Dewangan, All Primary teachers -PRTs & TGTs-Co

To enlighten children about the motto of Cub Bulbul movement and their duties towards the society and the nation.-Realized-1. Organised cub bulbul investiture ceremony and celebrated World HAND WASHING DAY.
2. Our participants attended the cub bulbul UTSAV held at k. v. Jhagrakhand (C.G.). Escorted by Sh. R Prasad and Smt S. K. Tripathi. Sh. Y. C. Sutariya was official. The participants won prizes in various competitions (1st in Fancy Dress, 3rd in Debate, 3rd in Dance-Drama, 3rd in Pageant Show).
3. Cubs & bulbuls attended the Tritiya Charan Testing camp held at K. V. Chirmiri. Escorted by Sh. A. Dewangan and Smt

 Health Programme (I and II round)-Smt.S.K.Tripathi & All PRTs-PRTs-Health Programme (I and II round)

To make the children aware of one’s health. Personal cleanliness and hygiene and intimating parents about their children’s’ health problems.-Realized-Medical cards were issued and entries of height, weight and health conditions were mentioned by the doctor.
 PTA meeting (August and October)-Smt.S.K.Triapthi & All Class Teacher-PRTs-PTA meeting (August and O

To update the parents of their wards performance in FA 1 and SA 1 respectively. -Realized-Answer scripts and report cards were shown to the parents. Areas of weakness were discussed. Parents of children having short attendance were intimated.
 CCE-Smt.Meenakshi Bhardwaj & PRTs-HM and Subject teachers of class I and II-All subjects-I and II

To evaluate the learning outcome of the children for a particular month.-Realized-Eight cycles were conducted for class I and II
 CCE-Smt.Meenakshi Bhardwaj & Subject Teacher III to V-HM and Subject teachers of III to V-All subjec

To evaluate the learning outcome of the children term wise-Realized-FA1, 2, 3 and 4 and SA 1 and 2 were conducted. Record for formative assessment and e-report card is maintained.
 CCA-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM, CCA coordinator and House Masters And Associates.-CCA-I To V

Several open and inter house competitions were conducted to develop the inherent talents of our budding artists.-Realized-The competitions conducted were Hindi and English Calligraphy, Rakhi, Rangoli, Envelop, Greeting Card making, Memory Test, Drawing and Painting, Making Decorative Items from waste materials, Solo song, Storytelling, Poem Recitation, etc.
 Hindi Pakhwara-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All PRTs-Hindi-I To V

To popularize Hindi among children and teachers, to develop language skill and love for our National Language.-Realized-Conducted Hindi Poem Recitation, Essay Writing and Storytelling.
 Sports and Games-Sh.S.Bandra & All PRTs-PET, Sports Coach and All PRTs-Physical education-I To V

To develop physical and mental fitness, healthy competitive spirit and team work-Realized-Conducted various individual and team events for primary children.
 Grand Community Lunch-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and all PRTs.-Social Awareness-I To V

To develop unity among diversity.-Realized-Children were seated in the CCA hall where they shared their food items with their classmates and teachers.
 Class Library-Sh.Santosh Gupta & All PRTs-Librarian and all class teachers-All subjects-

To develop reading skill for personality development-Realized-Each class is provided with a set of value based story books which is displayed in the class cupboard. Block periods of library are utilized for reading and writing book review.
 Film Show-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and all class teachers-All subjects-I To V

To develop listening skill, to provide additional knowledge and for entertainment.-Realized-Film shows are scheduled twice in a month. Block periods of film show are utilized for viewing film based on social issues.
 Grandparents’ Day Celebration-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All primary teachers-Social Aware

To develop love and respect for one’s grandparents and to make use of their rich experience in the personality development of the children.-Realized-Grandparents’ Day was celebrated on 5/11/2011 in which 39 grand parents attended the function. An interactive session in which grandparents shared their views and musical chair was conducted to entertain them. The winners were awarded with gifts.
 Children’s Day Celebration-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All PRTS-CCA-I to V

To make aware of Chacha Nehru’s love and aspirations for children.-Realized-The day was marked by an open fancy dress competition, sweet distribution and grand community lunch.
 Innovative Teaching Practices-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All Subject teachers-All subjects-I

To bring novelty to the teaching learning process and make it interesting and fruitful.-Realized-1. Participated in drawing and painting competition conducted by the Department of Energy Conservation.
2. Participation in drawing and painting competition conducted by Fire and Safety Department.
3. Eight participants took part in cluster level group song and poem recitation (English and Hindi) at KV No.1 Rewa on 31/10/2011 escorted by Smt. S.K.Tripathi and M.K.Kosariya.
4. Nine participants took part in cluster level group dance competition at KV Shahdol on 22/11/2011 escorted by Sh.A.K.Gu

 Excursion-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All primary teachers-All subjects-I To V

To give firsthand experience of public facilities available in the local area. -Realized-Organized on 05/01/2012 and 06/01/2012. Children were taken to the nearby public facilities available in the area like Bank, Post Office, Health Center, Stadium, Police Station, etc.
 Well-equipped Resource Room-Smt.Rekha Sundar & All PRTs-HM and All primary teachers-All subjects-I T

To facilitate TAL and CAL for effective teaching learning.-Realized-The Resource Room for primary is equipped with a computer with Internet Connection, a 29” Colour TV, DVD Player and a set of 50 DVDs from CFSI, LCD Projector, an Interactive Board and a Photo Copier Machine.
 Innovative Teaching Practices-Smt.Rekha Sundar-H.M.-Innovative Teaching Practices-I To V

To bring novelty to the teaching learning process and make it interesting and fruitful.-Realized-Few practices which were followed in the Vidyalaya are Role Play And Dramatization, Quiz, Debate, Group Discussion, visit to lab, outdoor classes and field trips, survey and data collection, use of ICT (presentations, documentary films), film shows.
 Subject Committee Meeting-Smt.Rekha Sundar-H.M.-Subject Committee Meeting-I to V

To evalute the activities conducted in the month and to plan strategies for the next month-Realized-Meetings are conducted freom time to time to monitor the CMP Activities, to share ideas regarding purchase and preparation of TLM, to discuss the areas of weakness for slow achievers and remedial meassures to be adopted for their upliftment.